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Established in 2005, Rahal Ranch is a family business that has been built upon a passion for horses, passed down through generations. Our core values include keeping up to date with the constantly evolving world of equine management which allow us to maintain a constant stronghold as pioneers within our industry.

When I run my hands across a horse, it tells me what to do, and I do it. He tells me what needs to be done to fix his problem.

Ali Al Ameri

Owner & International Horsemaster

Ali Al Ameri was born a Bedouin in Abu Dhabi and grew up with camels and sheep. At an early age he discovered his extraordinary talent 'talking' to difficult camel bulls.


 Ali joined the Royal Guard and began show jumping. He noticed that his skills with camels were as effective in training horses. Ali spent some time training horses in Australia and soon realized that his passion and skills with horses were incredibly unique. From this point there was no stopping for Ali, he began a career in training horses and fixing “problem” horses and has never come across a horse he couldn't fix.

Despite staring in blockbusters such as the 'Young Black Stallion' for Disney, numerous films for Arabic TV and advertising campaigns for global events including the Asian Games Doha, his biggest enjoyment is working with horses to  fix their issues allowing them to enjoy being a horse again!


Ali's client list is long and notable, he has fixed horses for royal family including Queen Elizabeth ll, international racing trainers and stables, Olympic show jumpers, Grand Prix dressage riders and more.


It does not matter to Ali who the client is or the problem the horse has, Ali is able to fix them all.

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