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The ranch offers extensive livery  and lease services under the expert guidance of Ali and his team, these include:

  • indoor stabling with spacious air conditioned boxes

  • daily turn-out, during winter horses stay outside and only come in  for grooming

  • quality feed and hay, quantity is given individually based on each horse's needs

  • daily grooming and 24/7 on-site groom 

  • first aid for minor injuries and colic 

  • jumping and dressage facilities, 2 outdoor arenas with floodlights, indoor arena with fans 

  • vet on call 

  • farrier on site 

  • horse exercise, training under saddle or liberty training 

Livery Pricing

  •    Full livery           AED 2700 per month

  •    Part livery         AED 2000 per month

  •                                      (only hay)

  •    Exercise              AED 500/600 per month

                                     (exercise 3/6 x per week)  

  •    Farrier                AED 300 for 4 shoes

                                   AED 150 for 2 shoes

  •    Clipping            AED 200  


Horse Lease

We offer full and part horse lease and have a selection of horses to suit all abilities and interests.  If you are interested in leasing, please make an appointment to visit the ranch and meet the team, we can assess your riding and discuss your requirements in detail to identify the perfect horse match!


  • Half lease - 3 rides per week AED1500 per month

  • Full lease - 6 rides per week AED3000 per month

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