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Horse Behavioural Training

We are able to fix all equine behavioural issues including: rearing, bucking, barging, pushing, biting, kicking and loading. 

Like humans, each horse is different, that is why each horse which comes to the ranch to be fixed is assessed and dealt with according to the problem(s) that are presented, it is only after an assessment we can advise you of the plan and costs*.


All  of Ali's training is guaranteed work, our clients only pay if they’re happy with the result! 

Liberty Training

Liberty training teaches humans how to develop an intimate connection with their horse. The principles of this method are based on how horses behave and interact in their natural environment - the herd. Ali Al Ameri is without doubt the master of this art and offers courses, including residential, of all lengths. Please contact us for details.

Breaking in and Restarting Horses

Horses started or restarted by Ali are ready to begin their training. They will understand ‘stop’ and 'go’ (or brakes and steering wheel as Ali says) and will be mentally prepared to start learning whatever discipline they are destined for*.


Starting Gate Problems

Gate training is a part of race training. Over the years Ali has helped many talented race horses across the globe return to racing after he fixed their behavioural problems*.

Trick Riding

Learn to ride like you are an action movie star! Ali and his team will teach you all the stunts of the trade and bring out your inner acrobat! Only suitable for confident, advanced riders from AED400 per lesson! 

*Price: Each horse is assessed individually and pricing is based on the problem

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