Basic Training

We are able to fix all behavioural issues including rearing, bucking, barging, pushing, biting, kicking and loading. Please contact us to discuss your horse and we can advise an action plan of how we can help.

Each horse is assessed and dealt with according to the problem(s) that are presented.


All training is guaranteed work. The customer only pays if they’re happy with the result! 


Breaking in and  Restarting Horses

Horses started by Ali or restarted, are ready to begin their training. They will have good ‘stop’ and ”go’ (or brakes and steering wheel as Ali says) and will be mentally prepared to start learning whatever discipline they are destined for.


Starting Gate Problems

Gate training is a part of the race training. Over the years Ali has helped many talented race horses return to racing after he fixed their behaviour problems.

Prices:  Problem fixing and breaking in AED3000 for mares and geldings, AED5000 for stallions